Mens & Womens Products

The Staflex® range of non-woven fusibles encompasses virtually every type of non-woven manufactured today. From the softest poly/nylon thermal bond to the stiffest spunbond polyester our fusibles are designed to withstand your specifications.

If you require your garment to be:

  • Washable
  • Soft in Hand
  • Flexible
  • Dry-cleanable
  • Crisp in Hand
  • Stable

We have the right product to enhance your garment.

Ask one of our salespeople about our unique Hydro-entangled fusibles or our extensive range of polyester and nylon thermal bonds. We also have spunbonded polyester, wetlaid and chemical bond non-woven fusibles for beltloops, waistbands and small parts applications.

Our sales team is here to help you pick the right product for your application. Feel free to contact us to request samples and ask us about our products for suits, slacks, baseball caps, shirts, tuxedos, and vests.