Mens & Womens Products

Our range of Weft Inserted Knits, Texturized Wefts, Circular Knits and Flat Knits allow a designer to add body, stability, drape, and bulk to their garment or maintain a soft luxuriousness to the fabric while providing a sewing aid and just a bit of resilient stability.

With a range from just over an ounce per square yard to over five ounces per square yard our range of over twenty knit products will cover all your needs.

Whether your garment is being created with a soft Italianesque drape or a structured English classic look, we have the range of products for you. From the heavy tweeds of yester year to the new micro-fiber lycra blends of today, our products lend themselves to your fabrics.

Our sales team is here to help you pick the right product for your application. Feel free to contact us to request samples and ask us about our products for suits, slacks, baseball caps, shirts, tuxedos, and vests.